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Many rules are directing purebred cat breeding which is a real headache for beginners. Raising, exposing: this obstacle course may turn out to be nightmarish for those starting with no knowing about the environment. As for the color of the kittens to be born from a particular cross, it looks like it responds to laws defying all understanding!

However, the type as well as the colors are resulting from genetic combinations that are understandable when you have the right “dictionary” in hands. Rules referring to expositions may be found on the Internet.

And if you can find the whole lot in one book where explanations are simple and easy to understand for everybody, it is a significant advantage.

Thanks to her background as a cat breeder and her study and passionate practice for genetics, Alyse Brisson is able to simply explain the mysteries of breeding, from purchasing to exhibitions, until breeding, its joys, tricks and difficulties.

Alyse Brisson entered the feline world in 1977, and when she thought about breeding, she wondered: what color will my kittens be? Nobody could give her an answer. Her own research led to a first book in 1990, later followed by a second one in 2004. A third book in 2016 was an update with the evolution of knowledge in cat genetic. This very last book is dedicated for English speakers and it takes into account the most recent discoveries of these last 4 years.

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